Introduction to the Catalogue of Bias


The Catalogue of Bias has been conceived as a response to David Sackett’s 1979 paper in the Journal of Chronic Diseases.  Find out more here.

Each Bias has:

  • Cite as (please use this if you’re citing the source)
  • Definition of the bias
  • Background
  • Example/s of the bias in clinical evidence
  • Impact on the interpretation of evidence
  • Preventive steps in designing studies
  • Sources of evidence about this bias

In the sidebar you will find other useful resources:

  • James Lind Library essays and articles relevant to the bias in question
  • EBM Journal articles relevant to this bias
  • Slideshows and other resources, where available
  • A print function for creating PDFs or hard copy of the bias page content
  • GETIT Glossary for looking up definitions of jargon terms.  You can browse the CEBM’s version of the GETIT Glossary here.

We will be adding links to other media as we expand the Catalogue.

Please be encouraged to submit any comments, questions or suggestions for useful resources in the Discussion area for each bias.

The Catalogue of Bias is an ongoing project.  We are working on over 100 different biases and will be releasing new content as it becomes available.  We are also collecting examples of biases to deploy in the next phase of the Catalogue.

If you would like to help build the Catalogue of Bias, please get in touch.